Handmade thread

The thread in our woollen carpets makes them unique. The thread is handmade. It has not been chemically or in any other way dyed, all colours are natural lambswool colours. This makes the thread ecological and nature friendly. Sheep fleece comes in three colours; black, white and brown. The different thread colours are achieved by mixing the natural wool colours. For example grey comes by mixing black and white. This makes all the carpets unique as the colours vary slightly from thread to thread and carpet to carpet. A thread is made in several different phases.

After sheep shearing the woollen fleece is cleaned by hand. All sheep are different in colour. To have even coloured woollen fleece black and brown has to be removed. At the same time the fleece is made fluffier.

Wool carding.

The carded wool is spun using a spinning wheel.

The thread is soaked and washed with feet using water and detergent.

Now the thread is ready to be dried.

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