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Bag is folded from one single piece of leather. The stitching is hand made with a needle. No machines are used during the sticking and folding process.

The bag is made of 100 % vegetable tanned cow leather. Vegetable tanning is an old method of making leather. It is the most natural and eco-friendly type of tanning. Our leather is highly durable and it ages beautifully. When needed, you can put beeswax on a clean cotton fabric cloth and use it as leather conditioner.


Artisans hand spin the natural fibers, pot dye the thread in small batches and weave the fabric on traditional handlooms. Hand spun thread makes the towel amazingly soft.

Towels are made of 100 % cotton. Machine wash in cold water, hang dry.


Sera’s carpets are made of pure Ethiopian highland sheep wool. Thread, knotting and weaving are entirely handmade.

Woven carpets: weaving is made of wool (50%), warp is made of cotton (50%)

Knotted carpets: knotting is done of wool (80%), warp is made of cotton (20%)

The wool is not bleached or coloured so the carpet has its natural grease and that is why it’s very easy to keep clean. When needed, all of our carpets can be vacuumed, cleaned in snow and tamped. Woven carpets can be washed with water, just make sure that the carpet dries entirely. For knotted carpets we recommend professional cleaning/washing.

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