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Sera Helsinki combines Scandinavian design with Ethiopian craftsmanship traditions and a fully transparent production chain. All our rugs are natural products from pure sheep wool, and no chemicals are used in our processes.

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Our Mission

Wicked problems demand innovative solutions. We believe that truly transparent design drives change for a more inclusive and accessible society. SERA HELSINKI was born from the love for design and desire to create a better future. Our roots lie in Scandinavian design, and they are intertwined with Ethiopian craftsmanship heritage and empowerment of people. 

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Our Impact

“Nothing about us without us” is the principle of our work. Making society more inclusive for people with disabilities is a challenge, as is working on the grassroots level with vulnerable groups. Our goal is that we include persons with disabilities in all levels of our business and decision-making.

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E-1027 rug is designed by Samu-Jussi Koski. This rug is knotted with two heights. The pattern of the rug is about 2,5 cm high and the base of the rug is about 1 cm high. Available in three color combinations.

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Laine is a unique design from Saaristo collection. Both hand-knotted and woven carpets are available in variety of sizes and colours.

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