Our collections are inspired by nature and everyday beauty. Designed by innovative Finnish designers, our rugs combine the well known Nordic simplicity with unique forms that are guaranteed eye-catchers in your home.


Our first collection, Juuret 2016, is a tribute to traditions created by Anna Suoheimo. We are returning to our roots: lambswool, carding, wheel spinning, and hand weaving. We bring these traditions to you in a modern way by producing unique and minimalistic carpets. The Juuret 2016 collection got its inspiration from Finnish nature, changing four seasons, and wilderness – places we have visited and spent happy moments.

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Saaristo (archipelago) was born from Anna Pirkola’s deep love of the sea. Since she was a small child, Anna has enjoyed watching the sea and its constantly changing atmosphere. The movement of the ocean is always different and yet so calming. Anna wanted to bring this same feeling to handcrafted SERA HELSINKI rugs. Every handmade rug is unique and beautiful, like the waves of the sea. 

Creating a collection for Sera was a meaningful project for Anna. “It was an honor to create a collection for a company like SERA HELSINKI. Its values, actions, and stories are something everyone should know. When SERA HELSINKI’s mission is combined with natural materials, traditional handcrafting methods, and high quality, it’s hard to find a more inspiring project.”

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Minorities’ rights and broader human rights have always been close to Samu-Jussi Koski’s heart. SERA HELSINKI’s mission truly inspired the iconic Samuji brand creator, and it was a joy for him to create a new rug model for Sera. As a designer in this project, he felt that he could directly influence women with disabilities in Ethiopia. The name E-1027 reveals the source of the inspiration: a modernist Villa by the architect Eileen Gray.

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