Partnerships For An Empowering Tomorrow

Making society more inclusive for people with disabilities is a big challenge while also working on the grassroots level with vulnerable groups. From the very beginning, it was evident that a single company like SERA HELSINKI can’t meet all these people’s needs by itself. To better meet these demands, we work together with organizations and experts of inclusivity and accessibility.

Abilis Foundation

Abilis Foundation (linkki) is a non-governmental organization in Finland that operates in several developing countries. Abilis’ goal is to empower people with disabilities and create job and business opportunities for them. SERA HELSINKI and Abilis started a partnership in 2016; we have created a network of Ethiopian NGOs that are part of our production and inclusion activism.

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Ethiopian NGOs

We work alongside various local Ethiopian NGOs to employ and support people (especially women) with disabilities. For example, Hope For The Blind And Handicapped focuses on engaging the visually impaired in rug-making.

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Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

SERA HELSINKI has received funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The ministry has often mentioned SERA HELSINKI as a great example of a company working alongside NGOs in a developing country. Read more about the impact of our cooperation.

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