Our Shepherds

Our shepherds are an essential part of our sustainable and impactful production chain. Our sheep are carefully looked after by our shepherds while being able to roam freely in the highlands of Ethiopia.

Shepherding Devotion

The wool of the rugs originates from the highlands of Ethiopia. The climate is cool in these regions, and therefore the villages have long traditions using wool. The farmers own the sheep and treat them with the greatest respect. The sheep roam freely in nature and are looked after by disabled shepherds. Often the mothers of the families spin wool thread from their sheep.

Traditional methods

The fleece is shorn off the sheep twice a year traditionally, with a method that doesn’t cause pain. All our wool is mulesing-free, and the process is entirely handcrafted without electricity or devices. After the fleece is shorn, it is spun to yarn and woven into unique SERA HELSINKI rugs. 

From mountain pastures to empowering design

In a mostly vegan orthodox society, mutton meat is a cherished and rare delicacy; wool is often seen as waste material. SERA HELSINKI links the rural highland shepherds to the production of exported design rugs. From a business perspective, sheep breeding and lambs are valuable assets to shepherds, and wool thread is an extra income.

Meet Our Shepherds