Thread Making

Traditionally handcrafted materials are essential for SERA HELSINKI’s designs, making each rug unique and charming. Our wool thread is handmade by using ancient traditions in the highlands of Ethiopia. These villages are rural and very poor. Spinning is often a side income, making it possible to raise artisans and their families above extreme poverty.

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Sera Helsinki's Thread Making Process

Spinning empowerment

The wool thread is entirely handmade without any electricity or machines. Ethiopian sheep fleece comes in three colors: black, white, and brown. The highland sheep vary in color, making all our products unique as the color changes from thread to thread and rug to rug. Wool is never chemically treated, colored, or bleached; all the colors are natural lambswool colors.

1. Shearing & Cleansing

Wool is usually sheared from sheep all at once, resulting in a large fleece. The sheared wool is cleansed by hand to remove dirt, dust, and grease. Black and brown fibers are separated for an evenly colored thread.

2. Carding & Spinning

The carding of the fleece is done entirely by hand, without any electricity. Once the fibers are carded, they are hand-spun into thread. Spinning one kilogram of wool thread takes two days.

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3. Washing & Drying

After the wool is spun, the thread is washed with water and soap. Stomping makes it possible to handle larger batches at once. After this, the thread is hung to dry.

4. Finished Thread

The finished thread is natural and chemical-free. The shade of each color varies according to the sheep’s natural color, so each SERA HELSINKI rug is unique.

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