From the Highlands of Ethiopia

The production chain of SERA HELSINKI products is fully transparent from the beginning to the end. We know the origin of our natural and organic materials. We monitor the whole production process from sheep-herding to thread-spinning and rug-weaving closely. We provide videos and images for our customers of their very own rug’s crafting process to prove this.

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Disruptive enablement

The core of our business model is to support persons with disabilities to establish micro-businesses. With the help of start-up funding, the artisans are able to buy sheep, spinning wheels, looms, or other tools needed in rug-making. The artisans own their businesses, and SERA HELSINKI buys their products and links them with new customers.

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Radically ethical rugs

We educate women with disabilities to make rugs. We began with eight weavers, and today, we employ over 500 artisans, most of whom are blind or disabled. Our partnering NGOs teach life skills and human rights to our artisans to become active and empowered members of their communities.

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