1. Empowering women and people with disabilities

Our objective is to empower the most vulnerable groups in the society. We train women and people with disabilities to understand their rights as employees and citizens.

2. Decreasing poverty

The artisans employed by Sera to the factory benefit immediately from their employment. Carpet weaving has traditionally been a poorly paid job. Sera Helsinki doubles the employees salary compared to what traditionally has been paid. We aim to decrease the poverty of the Ethiopian farmers, especially in Northern Ethiopia. The wool is bought directly from the farmers. The single mothers at the countryside are trained to hand make the thread, and this will increase their living standards. This will also encourage the farmers to stay at the countryside rather than move to the cities. Due to big numbers of people moving to cities, less jobs are available and resulting in poverty and begging in increasing numbers.

3. More jobs

We create more jobs – the increase in employment supports Ethiopia’s economic development.

4. Better working environment

We aim to embetter the working environment and wellbeing for Sera Helsinki employees. We arrange a work wellbeing questioner on a yearly basis.

5. Training

We offer Ethiopians professional training for weaving and thread making. We focus on training women and people with disabilities. Through the training of the women also their children have better possibilities in getting an education and a better life.

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